Automation, AI, and Interoperability for More Resilient Manufacturing in a Post-COVID World

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Vecna Robotics Manufactruing

Advanced Manufacturing Now SME Podcast

Advanced Manufacturing Now SME Podcast – Vecna Robotics & SVT Robotics In a few short months, COVID-19 has accelerated change for manufacturers large and small, due to dramatic fluctuations in consumer behavior and the need to ensure safety of site staff. While we don’t know how long these changes will last, or the long-term impact, history shows us that the next Black Swan event can be just around the corner. Time and again, we’ve seen that it’s not the oldest or largest organizations who survive, but the most adaptive. New tools in like automation in manufacturing, AI, and interoperability can help build flexibility and adaptability into your workflow to mitigate risk while maintaining peak operational efficiency in times of shifting demands.
Tune in to this Podcast with David Clear from Vecna Robotics and TJ Fanning from SVT Robotics to learn:
  • What high-speed integration is and how it can be done without the need for custom code
  • How AMRs can create more resilient and flexible manufacturing operation
  • How flexible automation can mitigate risk for manufacturing and other industrial organizations
  • Automation and robotic trends in manufacturing

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