AGV designs: Re-envisioning material handling

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 material handling solutions

Autonomous guided Vehicles (AGVs) have been in use since the 1950’s, and have constituted a million dollar market in recent years. While the use of these machines that can navigate factory floors on their own is not new, companies like Vecna Robotics have made it their mission to revamp and reinvent the technical performance of AGVs. Vecna Robotics has set the new standard for navigation capabilities, autonomy programming, laser sensors and safety standards for automated robots.

Of course, the real strength of AGVs is their simple implementation — and the way in which they prompt smart facility-process and material-handling improvements. While traditionally lacking the full flexibility of vision-guided and self-driving vehicles that navigate unpredictable environments on the fly, many newer AGVs allow for excellent functionality (with small detours and the like) as well as configurability when predefined navigation routes need changing.

This article in the Robot Report details the re-envisioned designs of AGVs that are taking 21st century logistics to the next level.

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