Ask the thought leaders: What’s the future of logistics?

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Excerpt from The Future of Everything

While logistics may not sound like the most “sexy” thing in the world, it’s one of the most important.

Logistics are the backbone of what makes our world tick. Without well planned logistics, the world would erupt in complete chaos. Know just how important logistics are to us, we wanted to find out more about how the industry is changing and what’s coming in the future.

So, we asked experts:

How will logistics change in the future?

This is what we learned…

“Over the last several years, the logistics industry has made great strides in adopting automation. However, these automated solutions do not allow logistics organizations to scale easily, and flexibly. As mass customization and omni channel order fulfillment become the predominant model for our consumer economy, the focus will shift from automating siloed tasks, to a full spectrum of coordinated automation, eventually leading to lights out operation. In order to achieve lights out operations, collaborative robots will work alongside humans, learning to adopt more and more responsibility. In addition, fixed infrastructure will increasingly become supplanted by more flexible mobile robotic solutions. This will also allow goods to be tracked from the point of manufacture, all the way through the supply chain, to the consumer.” -Daniel Theobald, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Vecna