ProMatDX 2021

ProMatDX 2021

The most important event of the year has ended!  Vecna Robotics attended ProMatDX  from April 12-16, 2021. The new digital event experience is designed to power up manufacturing and supply chain professionals with critical access to the latest solutions they need now to improve the resiliency and agility of their operations. At ProMatDX, Vecna Robotics hosted a webinar and series of product demos that will gave ProMatDX attendees a detailed understanding of our pallet moving solutions, including autonomous fork truck, pallet truck, and tugger.

AMRs are Key Tools for Supply Chain Success

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) deliver significant operational efficiencies and increased productivity. AMRs are self driving vehicles that navigate autonomously using path planning and learn as they work. Path planning versus following a guided path provides greater flexibility and workflow optimization within a facility. Flexibility is a valuable feature for companies that are striving to stay ahead of surging demand. Vecna Robotics’ solutions go beyond traditional automation and focus on continually maximizing human and robot performance in the workflow to enhance your flexibility, productivity, and achieve a sustained competitive advantage.

Learn More in our ProMatDX Webinars

If you missed ProMatDX 2021 it is not too late to view our four product demos and webinar! These sessions cover details and advantages of each autonomous solution, plus an inside look at the Pivotal Orchestration Engine. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insight! View the product demos below.

Product Demonstration: Pivotal Orchestration Engine

Matt Cherewka, Vecna Robotics’ Director of Business Development and Strategy’s presentation covers Pivotal™, the world’s first continuous learning orchestration engine. Pivotal analyzes your current state of operation and adjusts operational processes accordingly, ensuring every player on the team is performing optimally in real time by:
  • Coordinating and distributing real time tasks based on capabilities, location, availability
  • Adapting workflows to run efficiently through diverse levels of demand and operational changes
  • Sharing information across people, robots, and associated systems with intuitive user interfaces
  • Integrating seamlessly with legacy automation, piece-picking robots, WMS, and MES systems


Demonstration: Autonomous Counterbalance Fork Truck

This product demo will cover the latest autonomous solution released by Vecna Robotics. The Autonomous Counterbalanced Fork Truck is a highly versatile, safe, intelligent and integrated pallet-handling solution. This next-generation AMR offers vertical lift of up to 72”to move a wider range of payloads and pallet types, lift inventory to and from equipment, and seamlessly work alongside other materials handling vehicles and human workers improving productivity in dynamic industrial environments. Learn about the Autonomous Counterbalanced Fork Truck’s applications and specifications, see the truck in action and hear how others are using this AMR as part of their operations.


Product Demonstration: Autonomous Pallet Truck

Mark MacCabe, Vecna Robotics Industry Sales Manager’s product demo highlights the Autonomous Pallet Truck. This vehicle is a safe, intelligent and integrated pallet-handling solution best suited for long distance hauls. This next-generation AMR is equipped with the most advanced navigation and path planning capabilities in the industry and works seamlessly alongside other materials handling vehicles and human workers improving productivity in dynamic industrial environments. Learn about the Autonomous Pallet Truck’s applications and specifications, see the truck in action, and hear how others are using this AMR as part of their operations.

Product Demonstration: Autonomous Tow Tractor

Andrew Jackson, Vecna Robotics’ Industry Sales Manager presents the Autonomous Tow Tractor. This autonomous solution is a safe, intelligent and integrated fork-free pallet handling solution best suited for heavy loads and long distance hauls. This next-generation AMR is equipped with the most advanced navigation and path planning capabilities in the industry and works seamlessly alongside other materials handling vehicles and human workers improving productivity in dynamic industrial environments. Learn about the Autonomous Tow Tractor’s applications and specifications, see the truck in action, and hear how others are using this AMR as part of their operations.

Webinar: 5 Considerations in Designing Successful AMR Deployments

A solid solution design lays the foundation for the future success of your autonomous mobile robot deployment. When done right, a highly-efficient workflow design takes the whole industrial ecosystem into account. This includes human factors, a range of robots for a variety of payloads or purposes other technologies, and the facilities’ future plans. This presentation will address five key elements for designing a solution for your specific workflow, materials, team, and facility size and type, including how to:

  1. Choose the right mix of robots for optimal productivity,
  2. Identify the right application for those robots,
  3. Design a solution for human-centric workflow,
  4. Interface with a WMS/WES system for best results,
  5. Benchmark for success metrics

View this session to hear case studies on successful large-scale deployments of autonomous pallet jacks and tuggers.


Learn more about Vecna Robotics autonomous material handling equipment here.

we will see you again next year at  ProMatDX!

SVP Jeff Huerta Talks Autonomous Pallet Movers on SME Podcast



Jeff Huerta Talks Autonomous Pallet Movers on SME Podcast

Vecna Robotics’ Senior VP of Sales, Jeff Huerta appeared on SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcast to discuss Vecna Robotics’ autonomous pallet movers with Brett Brune. Huerta speaks on how successful companies are advancing their operations with fully autonomous material handling equipment. In addition, he reveals how some facilities are achieving immediate ROI.

The interview begins with Huerta sharing a simple explanation of what autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) do. He says, “AMR equipment allows you to move material through your facility autonomously, without the need for an operator”. Vecna Robotics makes standard pallet moving vehicles like fork trucks and tuggers robotic to perform fully autonomous functions. Host Brett Brune questions Huerta on a common concern in the industry, the safety of AMRs. Jeff shares robotic material handling history explaining that self-driving vehicles have been operating in the industry since the 1950’s. The industry is familiar with the grandfather of the AMR, the AGV. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have more limited function but set the original standard for safety. At Vecna Robotics, safety is a number 1 priority, our vehicles surpass the ANSI B56.1 and ANSI B56.5 industry safety standard.

Vecna Robotics offers safe, flexible, and accessible material handling solutions

Though our vehicles have similar safety regulations, AGVs differ from AMRs because they operate on a guided path. AGVs follow the same route to perform their task while AMRs can “path plan”. Huerta breaks this difference down with an easy-to-follow example: when we walk around our homes, we move from point A to point B. If a dog or a child were to interrupt our path we would redirect around the obstruction. An AGV will react to this situation by stopping until the obstruction is cleared from their intended route. AMRs react to obstructions using intelligent “path planning” and sensors to move around the obstacle autonomously. This flexibility is valuable in a facility that relies on maximum efficiency and increased throughput.

Lastly, Huerta prescribes ways to begin implementing this equipment, including what upfront costs companies should be prepared for. Huerta addresses two possible purchasing options offered for Vecna Robotics’ pallet movers. The first relies on capital expenditure to purchase the equipment upfront and cover the cost of implementation and training. The newest and most popular purchasing option is the Robot-as-a-Service program. Flexible pricing options were created for customers who want to leverage the power of AMRs without the hassle of upfront costs and capital expense approval. In addition, RaaS provides immediate ROI.

Vecna Robotics' pallet movers

Vecna Robotics Autonomous Pallet Truck


Learn more about Vecna Robotics AMR technology here:

Listen to SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcast here: 

Supply Chain Resilience During COVID 19

Supply Chain Resilience During COVID 19 and Beyond – An Informative Video Interview with T.J. Fanning, VP of Customer Growth & Success at SVT Robotics and Matthew Cherewka, Director of Business Development at Vecna Robotics.

Covid-19 has dramatically changed consumer behavior, putting more strain on supply chains than ever before. The market changes of 2020 are projected to extend well past the end of the pandemic itself. Vecna Robotics’ flexible and adaptable solutions have been a critical tool for facilities who want to ensure employee safety, stay competitive and create operational efficiencies now and for the post-COVID world.

Watch the interview above with Matt 0f Vecna Robotics and T.J. of SVT Robotics to learn more about using automation to stay resilient during COVID-19 and beyond as well as:

  • What is involved in creating a resilient supply chain
  • How automation can be quickly implemented
  • Integration with WMS

To learn more, download our white paper, created jointly with SVT Robotics, ‘Turning Crisis to Opportunity – 3 Tools for Supply Chain Resilience in a Post-COVID World’ here:

Read more on this topic.

DC Velocity Webinar – Risk Management in a Post-COVID World

Risk Management in a Post-COVID World: Building a Complex Adaptive System with Automation and AI 

October – 2020- COVID-19 has greatly accelerated challenges in a very short time, including dramatic fluctuations in consumer behavior and rapid operational changes both to meet demand and to ensure safety of site staff. While we don’t know how long these changes will last, or what the long-term impact will be, history shows us that the next Black Swan event is just around the corner.

It is not the oldest or largest organizations who survive, but the most adaptive. Build robustness into your network to become a Complex Adaptive System. New tools like automation, AI, and interoperability can help build flexibility and adaptability into your workflow to mitigate risk while maintaining peak operational efficiency in times of shifting demands.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Make robustness / adaptability a core competence of your operation.
  • AMRs can create more resilient and flexible operation
  • Adjust to seasonal peaks / manage your company’s growth
  • React to Black Swan events

Speakers Include:

John Santagate – Vice President, Robotics at Körber Supply Chain

David Clear – Chief Revenue Officer at Vecna Robotics

Ash Sharma – Senior Research Director for Robotics & Warehouse Automation at Interact Analysis

Alan McDonald – Vice President of Continuous Improvement at GEODIS

Andy Johnston – Director of Innovation at GEODIS

Watch the recording of the risk management webinar here.
See Vecna’s technology here.

Vecna Robotics at the Virtual NextGen Supply Chain Conference

Vecna Robotics Supply Chain

NextGen Supply Chain Conference

November 10-12th

Visit our booth and register here!

The NextGen Conference will virtually bring together an impressive lineup of industry leaders for an impactful, immersive, and interactive experience.

With live-streamed sessions, interactive panels and real-time chats, attendees will gain valuable insights and real-world solutions preparing executives for the coming technologies and processes that will have the most transformative effects on their supply chains. As the premier educational conference, the NextGen Conference answers: “what’s next for supply chain management” for senior-level SCM professionals. This year’s focus is on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Digital Transformation.

Key themes of the conference include:

  • Supply Chain Innovation and Future of Software
  • AI, Big Data, and Analytics
  • Lessons from Leaders and Solutions Providers
  • Robotics
  • Meeting the e-Fulfillment Challenge

This conference will be an immersive virtual event. Stop by the Vecna Robotics booth to learn more about Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and what they can do for your operations.

More details on the virtual conference can be found here.

Vecna Robotics NextGen Booth

Visit Vecna Robotics at The Best of SMX Virtual Event

Vecna Robotics Manufacturing


Advance Your Manufacturing Smarter and Faster

The Best of SMX

October 29th

Stop by the Vecna Robotics virtual exhibit at the Best of SMX. You can interact with us via live chat and one-on-one consultations, explore our videos and products, learn about automation solutions, and more! Register here. Learn more about the event below:

The Best of SMX Virtual Event – This is an immersive experience designed to provide you with tools and resources to elevate your understanding of smart technologies, learn the benefits of implementation and collaborate with experts and early adopters.

Workflows are the engine of every business that deals with physical goods: from distribution to wholesale, retail to manufacturing. They drive the operating budget – people, facilities, machines. They drive the value of the business. Our solutions go beyond traditional automation and focus on continually maximizing human and robot performance in the workflow to enhance your flexibility, productivity, and achieve a sustained competitive advantage.

Your registration for The Best of SMX virtual event is complimentary and includes the following:

  • Education Program – Learn about case studies and real-world applications of transformative technologies, delivered by industry experts and users. Live and on-demand technical sessions provide endless opportunities to delve into smart technologies and get the information you need.
  • Virtual Exhibits – Learn about new products and technologies from leading OEM’s and solution-providers. The Best of SMX provides an opportunity to engage with sponsors who are leading the smart revolution. Discuss your challenges, investigate cutting-edge technologies and find the right solution provider for you.
  • Visionary Keynotes – Morning and afternoon presentations, delivered by visionary leaders, that promote higher-level thinking and evoke change.
  • Knowledge Bars – Presentation-free sessions on relevant topics, designed to connect attendees looking for solutions with the experts who can help.
  • Smart Resources – Save, download, and share complimentary informational resources and industry contacts that you collect from sponsors, the SME Zone, and the media resource center. Keep these valuable resources for months to come to keep up with advancing technology, maintain your innovative edge, develop your workforce, and expand your network.
  • Networking Events – Participate in multiple opportunities to engage with like-minded professionals to share success stories, offer guidance and continue crucial conversations. Connect and share through live conversations in the networking lounge, speakers Q&A;, and face-to-face video and direct messaging.

Register here.

Vecna Robotics at the American Supply Chain Summit


2020 American Supply Chain Summit

September 29 – October 1

Register here, and visit our virtual booth to hear more on supply chain automation!

Generis – Virtual American Supply Chain Summit 2020 – Register for this year’s summit to participate in live-streamed sessions, network with peers and industry leaders, attend curated one-on-one meetings, and experience the virtual exhibit hall.

Key speakers will be tackling important topics such as how to overcome current challenges, optimize best practices and share insights of how the industry is managing the current pandemic.

Throughout the three day summit, the delegates, speakers and sponsors will share insights, opportunities and challenges with the goal of driving the industry forward.

Proactive discussions will allow attendees to walk away with clear and actionable insights to drive manufacturing, outsourcing, capacity management, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance, operational excellence, supply chain, logistics and more.

Other key themes of the summit include:

  • Profitability and Risk Management
  • Technology
  • Cost Optimization
  • Workforce Management

Stop by Vecna Robotics’ virtual booth! Learn how to calculate your ROI for AMRs and answer any other questions you may have on supply chain automation. We can’t wait to meet with you!

Learn more about the virtual summit here.

Vecna Robotics at SCOPE Virtual Supply Chain Summit 2020

Vecna Robotics at Scope Virtual Summit

Vecna Robotics will be at the 2020 SCOPE Virtual Supply Chain Summit

August 24-28

Register for the summit here!

SCOPE Virtual Supply Chain Summit – SCOPE has hosted 100s of in-person summits, brought together countless executives, facilitated 10,000 new partnerships, and transformed the Supply Chain landscape. Now, they are doing it online.

  • The Best Solution Providers: Meet one-on-one with the partners best suited to tackle your unprecedented challenges.
  • Over 30 Speakers: Learn from the leaders driving Supply Chain innovation in an ever-changing climate.
  • Exclusive Swag: Since it isn’t quite safe to treat you to a high class hotel, enjoy some high class swag.

Using the same data-driven matching logic as their in-person events, SCOPE takes the legwork out of finding new partners. Meet directly with companies vetted specifically for you to confidently tackle your challenges, within your budget and time frame. The event is free to register and there is a minimum of 6 meetings, and no maximum.

Hear what industry leaders have to say about today’s new complexities with key themes of:

Invitations are extended to C-level executives, SVPs, VPs, Directors and Managers within all functions of Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement with genuine needs for new solutions with buying influence or authority.

If you’re looking to streamline your supply chain, implement automation to increase productivity, or want to know more about the ROI of industrial robots, request a one-on-one meeting with us! We can’t wait to see you there.

For more information, check out the SCOPE Virtual Summit website here. To register for the 2020 SCOPE Virtual Summit, click this link.

Webinar: Implementing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in Your Warehouse


Watch the webinar above!

Supply & Demand Chain Executive presents 

“Implementing AMRs in Your Warehouse: A crawl, walk, run approach”

 Hosted By:  Evette Awa of Vecna Robotics

Register now for this webinar on Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 2PM ET.

Rapid shifts in consumer behavior are placing a huge strain on all aspects of the supply chain. Flexible automation systems allow your organization to react nimbly to the ever-changing environment while getting your operations ready to respond to whatever comes next.

Stop losing ground with outdated systems, and get going with high-capacity self-driving industrial vehicles. Begin with a simple installation to learn the system’s capabilities, evaluate the use case, adapt and scale.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand a range of use case(s) for using high-capacity AMRs in your facility
  • Evaluate which AMR platform may work best for your operation
  • Learn about integrating automation into your workflows
  • Hear a case study on how one organization used data analytics to turn simple insights into big workflow efficiency gains

Evette Awa Vecna Robotics

Webinar Speaker: 

Evette Awa serves as an Enterprise Sales Representative for Vecna Robotics. With over a decade of experience in global business development for leading tech companies, Evette works to provide strategic automation solutions for applications across the Food and Beverage industry. Evette holds a BA in International Business from the University of Florida, and Masters in International Business from Hult International Business School. She is also an active member of SME. Evette focuses on companies success through the best application and use of robotics & technology and understands what solutions can help businesses achieve the best ROI when selecting a new system.


Learn more about our deployment process here.

Watch the Women In Robotics Boston Virtual Panel

Women in Robotics Boston hosted their first virtual panel featuring 4 guest speakers from Vecna Robotics: Zoe Snape, Janani Mohan, Kay Perkinson, and Diandra Oliveira. Dharini Dutia (Vecna Robotics) and Sanjuksha Nirgude (Symbotic) co-hosted the panel.

Women in Robotics Boston virtual panel discussion

Top Left to Right: Dharini Dutia, Zoe Snape, Janani Mohan | Bottom Left to Right: Kay Perkinson, Diandra Oliveira, Sanjuksha Nirgude

A variety of topics related to working in the robotics industry were discussed such as:

  • Technical tools and skills
  • The business side of the industry
  • Work-life balance
  • Changes in the industry due to COVID-19

During the event, attendees asked the panelists questions regarding specific projects they were working on, what stands out to them when reviewing resumes and applications, and the importance of company culture.

At Vecna Robotics, we strive to create an environment where there are equal opportunities for all and continue to support other organizations and communities with similar goals. We are so excited to have partnered with Women in Robotics Boston for this incredible event, and are looking forward to the next one!

Watch the recorded virtual panel here.

Women in Robotics Boston (WiRB) is a professional network for women who are working or aspire to work in robotics. Our community includes (but is not limited to) students, educators, promoters, and professionals in the field. We organize local networking events, technical seminars, panel discussions, and workshops.

Our aim is to inspire and enable more women to enter, survive, and grow in the field of robotics. We focus on topics ranging from skills required for different robotics jobs to ensuring equal opportunity for women in robotics. We hope to bring in successful and leading women in the field of robotics to guide and inspire young members of our community. Anyone, from any professional background who supports our cause, is welcome to the group. Join WiRB by attending any WiRB event or simply sign up on our meetingplace group!