Vecna Robotics’ CEO to Speak at Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference

Rebecca Lennartz
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AMR Conference 

October 26-27!

CEO and Founder of Vecna Robotics, Daniel Theobald, will speak about warehouse orchestration and Vecna Robotics’ solutions at the Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference. In addition to Daniel’s talk, you can visit the Vecna Robotics at our virtual exhibit. Register for the conference here.

Learn more about the conference below:

Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference – From logistics to manufacturing to retail, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are the perfect tool for dynamic environments and on-demand automation. AMRs are already playing a significant role in increasing productivity. Don’t get left behind. Get moving.

Join us at the Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference.

  • TAKE ACTION: Learn how to deploy autonomous mobile robots in your enterprise.
  • MEET & GREET: Network with leading players in the AMR industry.
  • SURVEY THE MARKET: Understand how AMRs will change business across multiple sectors.
  • STAY AHEAD: Get an update on the upcoming mobile robot safety standard.