Bloomberg Markets: Vecna Using Tech to Make Life Better

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GUEST: Daniel Theobald Chief Innovation Officer Vecna Technologies Co-Founder/President at Mass Robotics discussing empowering humanity through transformative technologies.

“At times we react to technology because it changes things, and people don’t like change. My hope is that we use technology to genuinely improve life for everybody on this planet. It will allow us to focus on more important things.”

What does it mean for workers?

“The type of work that humans will be doing is going to continue to change, that’s always been the way it is. Can we actually use technology so that we spend more time doing meaningful things? We want robots to do the boring, the dangerous, the mundane things so it frees us up to take care of each other.

We have to separate the real issue of family economics and how they put food on the table. What kind of work do humans want to do is an interesting question. Can we use technology to get to a place, as a species, that allows us to progress beyond the toil of putting food on the table?”

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