Sep 27, 2021

Amanda Baier

A Need for Speed: How We Doubled the Performance of our Robot Fleet

Introducing the Fastest Robot Fleet in the Industry For years, speed and agility have inhibited greater throughput efficiencies and better ROI for pallet-moving robot fleets. Most AGV solutions top out at 1.7-2 meters per second,…

Jul 23, 2021

Lexi Kindle

A New Job in Supply Chain Automation: the Internal Robot Expert

As e-commerce demand spikes and labor shortages strain operations across industries, its becoming increasingly apparent that traditional logistics models are ripe for disruption. Companies are now refining their strategies – with supply chain automation at…

Jul 7, 2021

Amanda Baier

Automation that Empowers: Mobile Robotics and the Workforce

Daniel Theobald, Founder and CIO of Vecna Robotics, makes an appearance on FreightWave’s “What the Truck?!?” to discuss the first autonomous mobile robot (AMR) interoperability standard and how it allows for robots of differing vendors…

Vecna Robotics Collaborates with MassRobotics to Develop Interoperability Standards
May 18, 2021

Amanda Baier

MassRobotics Publishes World’s First Open Source Autonomous Mobile Robot Interoperability Standards Industry Experts Partner to Develop Guidelines that Enable Robots from Different Vendors to “Speak” the Same Language and Work Together Cooperatively BOSTON, Mass., May…

Research Study: Implementing Flexible Automation with AGVs and AMRs
Apr 28, 2021

Amanda Baier

Research study of AMR and AGV technology adoption Vecna Robotics and Peerless Research conducted a research study on behalf of Modern Materials Management to evaluate the adoption rate of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated…

Warehouse Automation Levels up the Supply Chain
Apr 28, 2021

Amanda Baier

Forbes Recognizes the Benefits of Warehouse Automation Warehouse automation vehicles, such as Vecna Robotics’ autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), are taking a load of stress off of overwhelmed warehouses and distribution centers. Forbes Magazine covered the…

Vecna Robotics Named Leaders in Technology Innovation
Apr 28, 2021

Lexi Kindle

Massachusetts Robotics Sector Leads Technology Innovation Boston Business Journal released a list of robotics companies that are leading technology innovation and Largest Robotics Companies in Massachusetts.  Among the organizations featured are Vecna Robotics and MassRobotics.…

5 Ways Robotics-as-a-Service Benefits Your Automation Goals
Apr 20, 2021

Jeff Huerta

Why RaaS, Why Now? Talk about Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) pricing models emerged in the early 2010’s. By 2018, the industry began to understand the benefits of RaaS more deeply. That year, Rian Whitton at ABI Research…

Vecna Robotics Leaders Named Pros to Know
Apr 12, 2021

Amanda Baier

Vecna Robotics Leaders Named Pros to Know Industry leading publication, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, has announced the winners of the 2021 Pros to Know award. The award recognizes outstanding executives whose accomplishments offer a roadmap…

Celebrating Women in Tech With Jenna Hormann
Mar 29, 2021

Amanda Baier

In honor of  Women’s History Month, Vecna Robotics is highlighting the work and lives of women in tech. According to SWE Research only 13% of all engineers are female. Jenna Hormann, Test Engineer on the…

ANSI/RIA R15.08 Redefines Industrial Mobile Robots
Mar 19, 2021

Michael Bearman

A Brief History of Safety Standards for AMRs and AGVs  As industrial automation continues to experience rapid growth, consensus safety standards are critical to helping the industry to know whether industrial mobile robots are safe. These standards in turn assist…