Aug 24, 2021

Isabelle Rice

AMRs vs AGVs: How Autonomous Warehouse Robots Navigate Industrial Facilities

  The navigation of autonomous warehouse robots is the key performance indicator that will dictate the returns of investments in autonomy. Listen to Dr. Zachary Dydek, Chief Technology Officer at Vecna Robotics, speak about the…

Aug 11, 2021

Isabelle Rice

Overcome Labor Shortages with Self-Driving Forklifts

The material handling industry has been plagued by labor shortages and high-turnover rates, while simultaneously struggling to react to e-commerce demand reaching all-time highs. To address these problems, leading facilities in the industrial sector are…

Jul 20, 2021

Isabelle Rice

Investor Podcast: Vecna Robotics’ Warehousing and Manufacturing Robots Solve Major Issues

  This weeks’ VentureFizz podcast features Daniel Theobald, Founder of Vecna Robotics, and Trevor Zimmerman, Co-Founder of Blackthorn Ventures and investor in Vecna Robotics. This interview is the first at Venturefizz to include both an…

The Benefits of a Forklift Robot: The Robot Industry Podcast with Jeff Huerta
Jul 14, 2021

Amanda Baier

Jeff Huerta, Vice President of Sales at Vecna Robotics, discusses the labor shortage affecting the material handling industry and how automation solves for this on The Robot Industry Podcast. A forklift robot can help mitigate…

Automation that Empowers: Mobile Robotics and the Workforce
Jul 7, 2021

Amanda Baier

Daniel Theobald, Founder and CIO of Vecna Robotics, makes an appearance on FreightWave’s “What the Truck?!?” to discuss the first autonomous mobile robot (AMR) interoperability standard and how it allows for robots of differing vendors…

Writing the Mobile Robot Safety Standard: Mike Bearman on The Robot Report Podcast
Jun 2, 2021

Amanda Baier

On episode 44 of The Robot Report Podcast, COO of Vecna Robotics Mike Bearman speaks about his role on the ANSI/RIA R15.08 mobile robot safety standard committee. Bearman details what it means to be compliant…

SVP Jeff Huerta Talks Autonomous Pallet Movers on SME Podcast
Mar 11, 2021

Rebecca Lennartz

    Jeff Huerta Talks Autonomous Pallet Movers on SME Podcast Vecna Robotics’ Senior VP of Sales, Jeff Huerta appeared on SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcast to discuss Vecna Robotics’ autonomous pallet movers with Brett…

Astor Perkins Defense Panel Recording: All Things Space and Survival
Nov 20, 2020

Amanda Baier

Astor Perkins Defense Panel – All Things Space and Survival Investor Roundtable – Hear more on how the next era of military superiority will be invisible. The competitive edge to ensure superiority vis-a-vis hostile state…

Automation, AI, and Interoperability for More Resilient Manufacturing in a Post-COVID World
Oct 12, 2020

Amanda Baier

Advanced Manufacturing Now SME Podcast – Vecna Robotics & SVT Robotics In a few short months, COVID-19 has accelerated change for manufacturers large and small, due to dramatic fluctuations in consumer behavior and the need…

This is Automation Podcast – Humans and Robots Working Together
Sep 22, 2020

Amanda Baier

  This Is Automation Podcast – September 2020 – Zac Dydek, Chief Technology Officer at Vecna Robotics, met with Cory Dowless of the This Is Automation podcast to talk more about the importance of humans…

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast: The Robotics Company Empowering Humans
Aug 14, 2020

Amanda Baier

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast – August 2020 – Daniel Theobald is the CEO of Vecna Robotics and has decades of experience leading research scientists and teams of engineers in developing cutting edge robotics technology. He…