Aug 9, 2021

Amanda Baier

Vecna Robotics and Alta MH Team Up to Offer Robotic Material Handling Solutions

Vecna Robotics, the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and workflow orchestration company, announced a partnership with Alta Material Handling (Alta MH). This partnership allows Alta MH to offer high-capacity AMRs to customers looking to purchase robotic material handling vehicles.…

Jun 10, 2021

Isabelle Rice

Material Handling Automation: Conveying the Non-Conveyable

Flexible Automation Alleviates Logistics Pressures Caused by Non-Conveyables Over the course of the last few years, many in the industry have come to view material handling automation as revolutionary and necessary technology. This is in…

Jun 5, 2021

Lexi Kindle

MassRobotics Publishes AMR Interoperability Standard

MassRobotics announces the release of the first ever Interoperability Standard for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). MassRobotics is an independent non-profit center that educates, inspires and brings robotics projects to life. This standard enables AMRs from different…

4 Ways to Amplify the Impact of Warehouse Automation
Jun 1, 2021

Isabelle Rice

In recent years, a growing number of companies have begun to implement automated mobile robots (AMRs) into warehouses and distribution centers. Large spikes in demand have put massive pressure on the supply chain to react…

AMR interoperability: A “Crucial Milestone” for Robotics
Jun 1, 2021

Lexi Kindle

MassRobotics, an independent non-profit organization, released the first open source, autonomous mobile robot (AMR)  interoperability standards. This initiative will further the development and adoption of AMRs and support safe and efficient operations in industrial settings.…

AGVs Gain in Flexibility and Applications
Dec 10, 2020

Lexi Kindle

Roberto Michel, Modern Materials Handling – November, 2020 – Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) have been reliant in moving loads around industrial facilities since their introduction in the 1950’s. However, the new wave autonomous mobile robots…

How Automation is Revolutionizing Work in the Food Supply Chain
Sep 11, 2020

Jeff Huerta

In an age when shifts can and do happen in the blink of an eye, supply chain automation offers the chance to revisit how work is done and how to keep workers safe. Food Logistics…

How Automation Enables a More Resilient and Safer Supply Chain
Jun 17, 2020

Daniel Theobald

Orchestration combined with robotics will drastically improve and automate workflows to help the global supply chain keep up with rapidly changing and emerging processes. From the manufacturing floor to last-mile delivery, warehouse automation offers increased…

Warehouse Robots Provide Crucial Link In Supply Chain
May 28, 2020

Amanda Baier

Rich Blake, senior contributor at Forbes, highlighted Vecna Robotics’ autonomous mobile warehouse robots (AMRs) as a critical link in supply chains – especially during the Covid-19 pandemic where most of the country was on lockdown…

Keeping Robots in Perspective
May 11, 2020

Amanda Baier

Even in an environment where remote work is normalizing and investments in robotics are paying rewards, robots are still not taking over the production environment, Peter Fretty reports. In many of the best use cases…

Driving agility & flexibility in material handling workflows
Dec 15, 2018

Amanda Baier

By Daniel Theobald, CIO and Co-founder of Vecna Robotics   Increased customer expectations are affecting every part of the supply chain. Driving agility is now at the forefront of many companies as people are spending…