Jul 1, 2021

Lexi Kindle

Why Robots Won’t Replace Humans with Supply Chain Pros To Know Winner, Daniel Theobald

Daniel Theobald, founder and CIO of Vecna Robotics, was named a 2021 Pro to Know by Supply and Demand Chain Executive (SDEC). Out of hundreds vetted for the annual award, only a handful of industry…

Dec 29, 2020

Rebecca Lennartz

Supply Chain Resilience During COVID 19

Supply Chain Resilience During COVID 19 and Beyond – An Informative Video Interview with T.J. Fanning, VP of Customer Growth & Success at SVT Robotics and Matthew Cherewka, Director of Business Development at Vecna Robotics.…

Aug 14, 2020

Amanda Baier

Helping Small Businesses Thrive in a Big Business World

Eric Reed, The Boston Globe – August 2020 – Executives call it the consolidation curve. It’s the rate at which industries coalesce around a few, big companies, eliminating smaller businesses in favor of their consolidated peers.…

Watch the Women In Robotics Boston Virtual Panel
Jul 21, 2020

Rebecca Lennartz

Women in Robotics Boston hosted their first virtual panel featuring 4 guest speakers from Vecna Robotics: Zoe Snape, Janani Mohan, Kay Perkinson, and Diandra Oliveira. Dharini Dutia (Vecna Robotics) and Sanjuksha Nirgude (Symbotic) co-hosted the…

COVID-19 has Accelerated the Industrial World’s Adoption of Automation
Jun 19, 2020

Amanda Baier

IndustrialSage interviewed Daniel Theobald, founder and CEO of Vecna Robotics, to discuss how the industrial world has been adopting automation at an increasing rate for years – and how COVID-19 has accelerated that.  Even before…

What’s Driving Investment in Robotics for Logistics?
Apr 20, 2020

Amanda Baier

The logistics industry is experiencing huge interest by investors in robotics, particularly autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Daniel Theobald, CEO of Vecna Robotics sat down with Bob Bowman, Editor-in-Chief of SupplyChainBrain, to explain how the technology…