COVID-19 has Accelerated the Industrial World’s Adoption of Automation

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IndustrialSage interviewed Daniel Theobald, founder and CEO of Vecna Robotics, to discuss how the industrial world has been adopting automation at an increasing rate for years – and how COVID-19 has accelerated that. 

Even before the pandemic, supply chains around the world were under strain from competitive pressures, worker shortages, and the need to be more responsive to shifts in demand. The novel coronavirus has only exacerbated these challenges.

In the past year, many large companies in retail, supply chain, and logistics have moved from tentative trials to deployments of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). In this interview, Theobald explains the solutions that industrial automation provides to disrupted supply chains, fluctuations in demand, and its power to move humanity forward. He shares, 

“I think it makes it clear to the world, how important our supply chain is…getting stuff where it needs to be when it needs to be there, is fundamental to operation of our society.”

See the full video interview here.