Distinctive Warehouse Robotics Solutions Are Emerging


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Distinctive Warehouse Robotics Solutions Are Emerging


The CEO and Chief Innovation Officer of Vecna Robotics, Dan Patt and Daniel Theobold, came in to see us at the ARC Advisory Group. We were already very bullish on the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) industry’s potential to improve warehousing and order fulfillment, but Vecna has some differentiators that make them a very interesting supplier.

While Vecna has been around since 1998, Vecna’s warehouse robots have only been generally available since last April. As the technology and market matured, Vecna decided to spin out a robotics business to focus on the promising logistics solutions marketplace.  They have invested tens of millions in R&D into robotics, have over a hundred issued and pending patents. Their early implementations have convinced large companies to expedite scaling of Vecna’s robots to enterprise operations.

The most noticeable thing about Vecna is that they offer a spectrum of robots designed for different tasks – each picking, case put or pick, pallet moves, and tuggers for the warehouse yard. In other markets, over time the market starts to move to providers that offer a broader selection of products and just “one throat to choke” if something goes wrong.

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