Driving agility & flexibility in material handling workflows

Driving agility & flexibility in material handling workflows


By Daniel Theobald, CIO and Co-founder of Vecna Robotics


Increased customer expectations are affecting every part of the supply chain. Driving agility is now at the forefront of many companies as people are spending an unprecedented amount of money, and they want more options and quicker service.

This is expanding the range of inventory, increasing inventory turnover rates from days to hours, and changing expectations from free two-day to free within the hour delivery. 

The only way to meet these expectations is for the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and logistics partners to create flexible and agile workflows.

A mixed fleet of intelligent self-driving vehicles is one way to increase dexterity and elasticity while at the same time driving agility. They can complete physically demanding jobs, work uninterrupted for multiple shifts, and smarter robots have the freedom to adapt to changes without human assistance. However, they are only one part of the solution.