FedEx Ground Uses Vecna Robotics’ Autonomous Tech as Volume Continues to Surge

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Vecna Robotics’ Autonomous Tech at FedEx Ground

USA Today – Max Garland – As FedEx gears up for what should be a record-breaking holiday shipping season, company leaders recently showcased the latest tech-forward developments in its arsenal to help handle the surge in volume.

Vecna Robotics’ Autonomous Tugger

“With COVID-19 already dramatically accelerating e-commerce, we’re entering a peak season that the industry has never experienced before,” Chief Information Officer Rob Carter said. “Frankly, we’ve been in peak since the beginning of the pandemic… We’ve got to have the best technology and the productivity tools we can for our team members.”

The home delivery-focused FedEx Ground, the primary beneficiary among FedEx companies of the online shopping boom, has undergone several initiatives to better handle the smallest and largest packages it sees in its network, said Ted Dengel, managing director of operations technology and innovation at FedEx Ground.

Autonomous tugs from Vecna Robotics are moving large packages around some Ground facilities to their next loading spot. The self-driving tugs are equipped with sensors and know the shape of the building they operate in, according to a FedEx video, and have been used at a hub in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“The tugs just automatically move from one side of the building to the other,” Dengel said. “They know where they need to go, stop and move around if things get in their way. So, it’s been a great partnership. We’ve had them in a couple of facilities, and we really appreciate the flexibility that they give our operations.”

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