Future of Logistics Real Estate Summit

Rebecca Lennartz
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Matt Cherewka

Matt Cherewka, Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Matt Cherewka of Vecna Robotics hosted a virtual booth at the Freight Waves Future of Logistics Real Estate Summit. Experts from various links of the supply chain discussed automation, warehousing, labor solutions, and advanced strategies for optimizing the supply chain from start to finish. In his interview, Cherewka explains how Vecna Robotics:

  • Values “workflows over robots” and what that means for logistics operations
  • Makes AMRs that are specifically for high-weight capacity payloads and how customers are using them
  • Factors in AI and continuous learning as a part of their solutions
  • Creates productivity gains at customer sites

Tune into the interview above or watch here and listen to the podcast here. View the Vecna Robotics virtual booth below and contact us with any questions!

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