How cobots are changing the nature of fulfillment

How cobots are changing the nature of fulfillment


If you type the word “cobot” into a Word document, it will think you made a mistake, and try to correct the word to “robot.”

And while most cobots are robots, the two aren’t necessarily the same thing. A cobot is a collaborative robot, one that works with a human to help that human complete tasks. Whether it’s Amazon’s Kiva robots, which look like large Roombas, or pallet jacks that follow a worker around the warehouse, cobots are meant to make a worker’s life easier.

Cobots are also becoming more prevalent in e-commerce distribution and fulfillment, as organizations look to make their warehouses more efficient and shore up labor gaps, especially going into the busy holiday season. As of 2018, the global cobot market size was valued at $649.1 million, according to Grand View Research and is expected to expand at the compound annual growth rate of 44.5% from 2019 to 2025.


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