If You Could Switch Jobs with Someone for a Day, Who Would it be?

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Evan Rago Vecna Robotics

Evan Rago, Logistics Sales Manager at Vecna Robotics

Katrina Arabe – Inbound Logistics – Thought leaders across a variety of industries were asked an important question: If you could switch jobs with someone for a day, who would it be? Evan Rago, Logistics Sales Manager at Vecna Robotics, responded with this:

A Factory 4.0 coordinator. Their work is interesting and impactful, as they’re responsible for identifying, implementing, and leveraging smart technologies like IoT and automation advancements and introducing them into operations to help companies create a competitive advantage.”

Some other responses include:

I’d deploy the majority of my wealth into early-stage venture capital funds and invest in companies that are refashioning our global supply chains as sustainable, circular, and transparent. The only hope we have to drive the disruption that is needed to save life on our planet is to accelerate the disrupters—entrepreneurs.”

—Lisa Morales-Hellebo, Co-founder, REFASHIOND Ventures

I’d switch to a role focused on emerging technologies. In many ways, COVID has accelerated an already fast-changing industry, so everything from new motive power options to robotics and telemetry are positioned to reshape supply chains to a greater degree.”

—Jill Comer, VP, Industry Strategy and Solutions, Hyster Company

A role in the distribution supply chain, on the front lines of sourcing warehouse labor. While recent events have changed the nature of this longstanding challenge, skyrocketing e-commerce demand has forced warehouses to “make it work” while optimizing the productivity of their existing workforce.”

—Joe Tomkiewicz, Director, Industry Strategy and Solutions, Yale Materials Handling

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