Innovating with Scott Amyx Featuring CEO of Vecna Robotics Daniel Theobald

Amanda Baier
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Innovating with Scott Amyx – Interview with CEO of Vecna Robotics, Daniel Theobald – Daniel Theobald, CEO and Founder of Vecna Robotics, is a leader in autonomous material handling solutions. Vecna Robotics is a Series B startup and has raised a total of $63.5M.

Daniel has decades of experience leading research scientists and teams of engineers in developing cutting-edge robotics technology. He has 67 issues patents and more than 30 patents pending. Additionally, in 2014 he co-founded MassRobotics, a non-profit dedicated to the global advancement of the robotics industry. Daniel is dedicated to the idea that technology can be used to improve life for everyone on the planet.

Listen to the interview above to learn more about:

  • The challenges of manufacturing safe and effective robotics
  • How autonomous solutions are increasing efficiency across industries
  • The benefits of investing in technology that improves over time

Watch the full interview above or here.