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March 9-12 in Atlanta, Georgia!

Find us in Booth #9807 to learn what makes us the most scalable automation solution in the industry.

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This year, we are showcasing our Pivotal™ Platform, the world’s first continuously-improving multi-agent orchestration engine. Pivotal transforms manual material handling operations into flexible, adaptive, autonomous systems by leveraging the best strengths of autonomous robots, intelligent AI systems, real-time data, human ingenuity, and continuous learning.

We’re also pleased to announce several exciting new partnerships that enable rapid adoption of autonomous bulk material handling robots for customers across sectors. Our partnerships with nationwide dealers, manufacturers, and boots-on-the-ground technicians ensure you can scale quickly to keep up with demand.

Visit the booth to learn how Pivotal:

  • • Reacts quickly to exceptions
  • • Shares information with people, robots, and associated systems
  • • Coordinates and distribute tasks in real-time based on resource availability
  • • Integrates seamlessly with legacy automation, piece-picking robots, WMS, and MES systems
  • • Uses a Tableau analytics dashboard to see current stats and trends over time

Join Our Speaking Session

Presented by

Daniel Theobald

CEO, and Founder
Vecna Robotics

Futureproof Your Operation

Autonomous material solutions are a large investment, but they don't have to be a risky one. The Logistics and manufacturing markets are increasing at an exponential rate due to massive eCommerce demand and technology is rapidly advancing. Customers need a provider and technology that keep up with these changes without breaking the bank. Educate yourself on the technology differentiators that separate the providers who deliver long term flexibility from those who only provide short term improvements.

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 Time: 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Location: Theater 1

Key Takeaways

Learn what technology features deliver a long-term competitive advantages

Discover why orchestration, not automation, is the true driver of operational flexibility

See what keep your goods moving no matter what changes on the operational floor

Understand how automation can empower your human workforce to drive their productivity