Past, Present, and Future of Vecna Robotics and Automation: Daniel Theobald at MODEX 2020 Podcast

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In this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, host Kevin Lawton is joined by CEO and Founder of Vecna Robotics, Daniel Theobald at MODEX 2020. They discuss Vecna Robotics’ origins, the importance of flexibility, AI Pivotal™ orchestration engine, and also Daniel’s role at MassRobotics. Lawton previously interacted with Vecna Robotics and visited the Headquarters in Episode 33 of his podcast.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about:

  • Daniel’s incredible background in technology and growing up in Silicon Valley
  • The idea behind Vecna Robotics’ technology to empower employees and elevate what they do on a daily basis while automated forklifts do repetitive movements
  • The importance of flexibility and adaptability in our world due to the increase in consumer demand and the need to meet increasingly higher expectations on service levels
  • Vecna Robotics’ orchestration engine, Pivotal, that controls and communicates to all robots with goals of optimizing operations through AI
  • Benefits of using an orchestration engine to see the whole picture of a supply chain and realize potential bottlenecks before they are actually in place
  • Daniel’s role as President of MassRobotics, a non-profit group of robotics companies in the Massachusetts area that help support each other to push the robotics industry forward.

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