The next phase of lean manufacturing

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By Daniel Theobald, CIO and Co-founder Vecna Robotics


Lean Manufacturing reduces production time and costs by eliminating waste (non-value-added activities). Its origins trace back to the concept of interchangeable parts; its evolution brings us into the term and process we know today.

Lean Manufacturing was molded by leading scientists, industrial engineers, and innovative organizations such as Ford and Toyota. The core concept, waste elimination, is a valuable strategy to increase the bottom line while speeding up the rate of production.

However, as e-commerce and manufacturing demands increase, companies are discovering current processes for identifying and executing lean techniques are unable to keep with new customer expectations in a safe, reliable, and profitable manner.

Today, to successfully eliminate waste, manufacturers need to incorporate robotic solutions. Robotic solutions merge the best of what humans and robots can do by utilizing the high-value strengths of each resource and eliminating non-value adds.