Workflow Optimization

Optimize operational capabilities through AI and predictive modeling.

Use real-time data, predictive analytics, and AI to determine the uses, workflows, and robots that will bring you the best results. These tools ensure your automation solutions work optimally from the moment they are installed and improve their functionality over time– keeping you ahead of the competition today and tomorrow.


Our simulations determine which robotic vehicles work best within an organization's existing layout and also how. Simulations use data to assess the exact factors, processes, and results impacted or affected by mobile automation. They evaluate multiple scenarios that align with specific organizational goals, consider the limitations of the operations, and reveal additional opportunities or challenges that may influence results. maximizes the efficiencies of every agent and uses real-time data to increase the efficiency of the entire operation. Vecna’s is the world’s first orchestration engine, designed to evaluate all available work that needs to be accomplished, evaluate all available agents (diverse types of robots, human workers, or other equipment), and dynamically optimize task allocation among the robots. tracks real-time information collected by the self-driving vehicles, agents, and other systems. It allows for power management and opportunistic charging, traffic management, performance monitoring, predictive maintenance, real-time adjustments to shifting priorities or unexpected errors/delays, and optimal distribution of tasks based on current operational status.


Increase floor capacity

Maximize day one impact

Foster agility and flexibility

Find new revenue streams

Reduce cost centers and eliminate waste