Supply Chain Resilience During COVID 19

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Supply Chain Resilience During COVID 19 and Beyond – An Informative Video Interview with T.J. Fanning, VP of Customer Growth & Success at SVT Robotics and Matthew Cherewka, Director of Business Development at Vecna Robotics.

Covid-19 has dramatically changed consumer behavior, putting more strain on supply chains than ever before. The market changes of 2020 are projected to extend well past the end of the pandemic itself. Vecna Robotics’ flexible and adaptable solutions have been a critical tool for facilities who want to ensure employee safety, stay competitive and create operational efficiencies now and for the post-COVID world.

Watch the interview above with Matt 0f Vecna Robotics and T.J. of SVT Robotics to learn more about using automation to stay resilient during COVID-19 and beyond as well as:

  • What is involved in creating a resilient supply chain
  • How automation can be quickly implemented
  • Integration with WMS

To learn more, download our white paper, created jointly with SVT Robotics, ‘Turning Crisis to Opportunity – 3 Tools for Supply Chain Resilience in a Post-COVID World’ here:

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