This is Automation Podcast – Humans and Robots Working Together

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Vecna Robotics This is Automation


This Is Automation Podcast – September 2020 – Zac Dydek, Chief Technology Officer at Vecna Robotics, met with Cory Dowless of the This Is Automation podcast to talk more about the importance of humans and robots working together and materials handling automation. Vecna Robotics has long-term visions of creating software and systems that work with humans and capitalize on their strengths. Dydek reemphasizes how Vecna Robotics values workflows over robots with the creation of an AI orchestration engine, Pivotal.

Listen to the rest of the podcast to learn about:

  • How humans and robots work together to maximize efficiencies
  • What the future of materials handling automation looks like
  • Optimization of human capital and robotics through orchestration 

Listen to the full podcast by clicking the play button above or listen here.