Vecna Robotics Offers Testing Facility to MassRobotics

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Vecna Technologies CTO Daniel Theobald gave Robotics Business Review a private tour of his company’s facilities, which allow for rapid iterative testing.

He gives a glimpse at a full-service co-working space that startups could lease through MassRobotics, and explains how the organization hopes this measure will be the start of a cluster of robotics, similar to Biotech in Kendall Square.  “We want this to serve not just this building, but also the entire neighborhood as a tech incubator,” says Theobald.

In addition, Theobald discusses important topics such as safety standards and expectations of the robotics industry from outside stakeholders. He states that the industry should “dial down the hype” and focus on maintaining security and solving actual business problems.

He also delves into Vecna’s current projects, including autonomous mobile robots that deliver medication in hospitals as well as self-driving tuggers that aid operational efficiency in warehouses and industrial settings.

Vecna Robotics founder speaks on a humanist approach to robots and automation

Theobald, an advocate for shared and responsible automation, leaves us with a quote on the future of robotics, saying “Technology should benefit the entire human race, not just make a few people wealthy”.

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