Vecna Robotics Raises $65 Million to Automate Material Handling

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Supply chain conditions have been rapidly worsening in recent years, and the industry is fraught with challenges such as labor shortages, freight delays, and unpredictable demand surges: all of which increase costs and diminish throughput. The need for automation grows more visible by the day, and Vecna Robotics is leading the way in providing solutions. A $65 million Series C investment round, led by both existing partners and new additions such as Lineage Logistics, Proficio Capital Partners, and Impulse, is being used to expand operations and order fulfillment.

“There is huge headroom for growth in automated material handling with over 5 billion pallets in the world being moved by more than 5 million forklifts and nearly 5 million manual operators,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Vecna Robotics. “This investment, led by such a prominent and supportive group of investors, will allow us to accelerate our roadmap and deliver solutions to the market faster in order to meet the insatiable demand for increased throughput in material handling environments like factories and warehouses.”

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