Vecna Robotics Pre-Approval for Leasing AMRs with IIoT Monitoring Brings Many Benefits

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Vecna Robotics created a simple way to get pre-approved for leasing AMRs (Automated Mobile Robot) and is the only company to include IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) 24/7 Monitoring in the program.

Only one AGV solution provider at MODEX 2018 will offer AGVs with IIoT Monitoring: Vecna Robotics. MODEX AMR buyers can cut through the red tape and drive financial efficiency immediately. Vecna Robotics understands the critical role of leasing AMRs- as they can be an expensive upfront proposition. All too often, significant investments of time and effort provide no ROI when the proposal reaches the Board for capital funding approval.

While many manufacturers and distributors find appeal in owning materials handling equipment like AMRs, leasing frees up significant capital for business owners. Leasing capital equipment frees up cash for other financial needs of growing companies. Companies undergoing expansion often allocate resources in a lease to keep capital free for other purposes.

Leasing improves liquidity, keeping operating cash and credit lines free to deal with other expenses provides a best-practice agility. Leasing also saves money by offering lower payments and down payments than other financing, and because the same rates throughout contract are pre-arranged, the fixed cost allows for predictability. Additionally, leasing provides a competitive advantage in flexibility to manufacturers and distributers.

This option makes automating operations and streamlining workflows accessible to more companies. Download our guide to the benefits of high-capacity AMRs here.

About Vecna Robotics
Vecna Robotics is dedicated to helping companies better compete in today’s e-commerce driven environment with cost-effective automation that improves throughput in distribution and fulfillment. Its fleet of intelligent, next  generation robotic vehicles and AGVs optimizes logistics and material handling operations and work seamlessly alongside humans. With two decades of extensive research and development, Vecna’s case picking, goods-to-person, person-to-goods, robot-conveyor hybrid material handling systems are proven in the most challenging environments.

Contact Vecna Robotics’ dedicated team of experts to learn more about how leasing AMRs can improve your bottom line.