Vecna Robotics Selected for MIT STEX25 Accelerator

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Last week, the MIT Startup Exchange announced that Vecna Robotics has been added to its roster of STEX25 startups for its Spring 2020 cohort.

STEX25 is a startup accelerator run by MIT Startup Exchange featuring 25 “industry-ready” startups.

“Our industry partners tell us that MIT Startup Exchange is one of the most effective channels for connecting them with emerging tech startups,” said Executive Director of MIT Corporate Relations Karl Koster. “STEX25 startups exhibit the high-caliber talent and cutting-edge technology that are hallmarks of MIT. Corporate ILP (Industrial Liaison Program) members continue to engage in advanced discussions and multiple partnerships with these startups.”

MIT Startup Exchange adds startups to STEX25 on a roughly quarterly basis, from among more than 1,800 MIT-connected startups. STEX25 companies collaborate with ILP corporate members through targeted Startup Exchange workshops and showcases, exhibits at ILP conferences, and other events tailored towards industry. This new cohort consists of a variety of high level technology startups. “These startups exhibit world class tech expertise and are motivated to make a truly meaningful impact,” said MIT Startup Exchange Program Director, Marcus Dahllöf.

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