Webinar: Implementing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in Your Warehouse

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Supply & Demand Chain Executive presents 

“Implementing AMRs in Your Warehouse: A crawl, walk, run approach”

 Hosted By:  Evette Awa of Vecna Robotics

Register now for this webinar on Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 2PM ET.

Rapid shifts in consumer behavior are placing a huge strain on all aspects of the supply chain. Flexible automation systems allow your organization to react nimbly to the ever-changing environment while getting your operations ready to respond to whatever comes next.

Stop losing ground with outdated systems, and get going with high-capacity self-driving industrial vehicles. Begin with a simple installation to learn the system’s capabilities, evaluate the use case, adapt and scale.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand a range of use case(s) for using high-capacity AMRs in your facility
  • Evaluate which AMR platform may work best for your operation
  • Learn about integrating automation into your workflows
  • Hear a case study on how one organization used data analytics to turn simple insights into big workflow efficiency gains

Evette Awa Vecna Robotics

Webinar Speaker: 

Evette Awa serves as an Enterprise Sales Representative for Vecna Robotics. With over a decade of experience in global business development for leading tech companies, Evette works to provide strategic automation solutions for applications across the Food and Beverage industry. Evette holds a BA in International Business from the University of Florida, and Masters in International Business from Hult International Business School. She is also an active member of SME. Evette focuses on companies success through the best application and use of robotics & technology and understands what solutions can help businesses achieve the best ROI when selecting a new system.


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