What Supply Chain Technology Would You Accelerate?

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Katrina Arabe, Inbound Logistics – July 24 – Thought leaders across a variety of industries were asked one important question: What supply chain technology would you accelerate? Our CEO and Founder of Vecna Robotics, Daniel Theobald, responded with this:

Artificial intelligence-powered orchestration. This technology looks at a warehouse as a system, unifying humans, robots, and equipment, and reacting to fluctuating demand in real time. AI can unlock more than twice the throughput by sending the right resource to the right place at the right time.”

Some other responses include:

Delivery orchestration technology. Its adoption is critical to supply chain resiliency. It can connect with existing systems, utilize data, and apply business logic to optimize the entire delivery and fulfillment process.”

—Lior Sion, CTO and Founder of Bringg

A platform that provides comprehensive visibility, displaying in one place all the elements: timely detail on the driver, trailer, product being carried, quantities, and SKUs; real-time location status and progress to ETA—especially for cross-border shipments. We have all the pieces, but they’re in separate silos. If we could link all the data and present it in one updated dashboard—that’s the holy grail for both carriers and shippers.”

—Greg Orr, President of CFI

Actionable big data—simply because it is the key to unlocking the fully optimized supply chain.”

—Lily Shen, President & CEO, Transfix

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