Writing the Mobile Robot Safety Standard: Mike Bearman on The Robot Report Podcast

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On episode 44 of The Robot Report Podcast, COO of Vecna Robotics Mike Bearman speaks about his role on the ANSI/RIA R15.08 mobile robot safety standard committee. Bearman details what it means to be compliant the R15.08 , and how Vecna Robotics’ vehicles meet that standard.

“We’ve hit the right notes to make sure safety was a priority,” says Bearman on the new release. “We think the resulting standard is going to stand the test of time”.

Mobile Robot Safety Standards on The robot report podcast

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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are a rapidly growing segment of industrial automation. Until now, mobile robots have lacked universally-accepted definitions and their own safety standards. This release, with input from industry experts, redefines industrial mobile robots. The R15.08 offers clarity on what constitutes an AMR and what differentiates them from other mobile robot types. These distinctions provide information that is critical to proper application of the standards.

“With these mobile robot safety standards in place, we feel confident that the market will be able to grow for everyone” says Bearman.

Bearman also made note of the MassRobotics’ AMR Interoperability Standard, which was released earlier this week and will have an vastly positive impact on adoption of automation in industrial spaces.

When asked what’s next for Vecna Robotics, Bearman makes mention of the recent autonomous counterbalanced fork truck  launch, as well as upcoming interoperability testing taking place at customer sites. “We’re going to continue to push the envelope on interoperability” says Bearman.

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