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Win new business. Delight and expand operations with existing customers. Vecna Robotics’ automation system is optimized for 3PL by reducing your reliance on labor, scaling fast with your operations, and offering the flexibility to meet the evolving needs of your customers.

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Win more customer engagements and be more efficient

Increased productivity

Flexible, scalable automation for key workflows.

Flexible pricing

Robots as a Service (RaaS) means a lower upfront cost.

Worry-free automation

All robots are deployed, monitored, maintained, and guaranteed by Vecna Robotics

Picking and Putaway

Accelerate workflows

Enhance throughput and productivity by automating transport between the docks and storage.

3PL Case Study:

  • 500,000 sq ft, 3-shift CPG DC
  • 10 Autonomous Forklifts integrated w/ WMS
  • Reduced headcount by 12 FTEs
Picking TraditionalvsAMR 2

Efficient co-pack solutions

Automate replenishment of pick/pack and VAS lines, and from stretch wrappers to shipping.

3PL Case Study:

  • 1.5M sq ft, 2-shift CoPack DC
  • 6 Autonomous Tuggers w/ On-Robot UI
  • Reduced headcount by 8 FTEs
Packaging TraditionalvsAMR
Case Picking

Supercharge your productivity

Combine the best of humans + robots to improve case-picking throughput by 2-3x.

3PL Case Study:

  • 600,000 sq ft, 2-shift CPG DC
  • 16 Co-Bot Pallet Jacks integrated w/ WMS
  • Reduced headcount by 50%
  • Average productivity >250 uph per picker
Case Pick

Low upfront costs. Guaranteed performance.

ROI is crucial. With competitive pricing tailored towards 3PL operating budgets, Vecna’s solutions provide low-risk access to automation at a rapid ROI.

Vecna’s Robots as a Service model is an all-inclusive subscription to cutting-edge automation, with guaranteed performance and SLAs to ensure a genuine partnership that leads to lasting success.

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  • Automation via opex vs. capex budget
  • Limit upfront costs to commissioning and integration only
  • Circumvent long capital approval processes to easily deploy and scale when you need to


  • Performance Guarantee
  • Contracted SLA ensures the value of 
the solution is aligned to customer 
  • Simplified contract extension
  • Solution scales to other workflows 
and facilities


Transparent TCO and ROI, with pricing 
that includes:

  • Robotic vehicles and hardware
  • 24/7/365 PCC monitoring and support
  • Software subscription
  • Preventative maintenance services

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