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Meet Pivotal™, the world’s first end-to-end orchestration software suite exclusively for material handling automation.

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Autonomous Navigation

Feel the need for speed

At 6.7 mph top speed, 3D perception and infrastructure-free navigation, Pivotal™ Autonomy delivers the fastest, smartest, highest performing and most robust autonomous material handling equipment on the market.

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Tune your operations like a conductor

Get the right resource to the right task, on the right route, at the right time. Pivotal™ orchestration aggregates data across resources to optimize how your materials flow in real-time.

Get eye-in-the-sky control

More data, more moving. Pivotal™ aggregates demand from multiple sources across your operation – including directly with WMS / ERP, tablet UIs, call buttons and PLCs – insuring routing and resource allocation is informed by a complete and real-time picture of your entire operation.

Optimize work execution

Run at peak efficiency no matter what changes on the floor. Pivotal™ dynamic task allocation uses data based on location, status, availability and KPIs to update and adjust the plan in real-time.

Balance demand congestion

Goodbye gridlock. Pivotal™ keeps your materials moving even in high traffic areas – balancing demand with congestion, charging and fleet management to maximize your overall throughput.

Illustration of two robots moving around pallets and a workcell

Knowledge is throughput

Pivotal™ data streaming, analytics and user-friendly dashboards help you transform your data into actionable insights that drive your business forward. Tap into performance trends, heatmaps and industry-unique analytics to improve your operational performance over time.

Measure your workflow performance

Stay on a winning track. Pivotal™ analytics help you track your KPIs over time as well as identifying areas for expansion and improvement.

Drive for continuous improvement

Get full visibility. Pivotal™ monitors system performance, adoption and ROI as automation grows throughout your network, providing you with the data you need to drive continuous improvement.

Join our “performance network”

Leave behind fixed output and leverage the full power of the internet of things. Pivotal™ uses performance data collected from every robot in Vecna’s entire fleet to the improve the system via a data-driven feedback loop.

Illustration of a computer monitor and dashboard

Seamless operations from the inside out

Our platform integrates with your facility’s processes, people and systems to deliver a seamless automation experience with your existing infrastructure.

  • WMS / MES / ERP
  • Barcode scanning
  • On-robot UI
  • Remote tablet
  • Remote sensors
  • Call button
  • Admin dashboard
  • Smart I/O

99.9% uptime, every time

Stay up and running in situations where traditional AGVs grind to a halt. Pivotal™ Command Center provides 24/7/365 enterprise-grade remote monitoring that combines human intelligence with powerful technology to bring you greater flexibility and performance in complex circumstances.

Illustration of a person sitting at a command center desk
Autonomous Mobile Robots

Superior technology, unmatched performance, unbeatable value

Vecna Robotics offers a full range of autonomous material handling solutions tuned to the most common warehousing and manufacturing workflows from the inbound trailer to the outbound loading bay door.

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