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Operational Transformation with Vecna Robotics
  • Multi-Shift
    The more shifts your facility operates on, the faster you can expect to achieve ROI.
  • >200k+ sqft
    Robots deliver more value when covering greater horizontal distances.
  • Clean
    Tidy environments allow AMR sensors to operate with greater precision.
  • Technology-Enabled
    Optimal performance requires Wifi and warehouse management software.
Your Robot Journey

From no bot to robot

Get up and running in five easy steps. Start with one workflow in weeks (not months) and then scale to other workflows or even other facilities as your automation needs expand.


Identify and prioritize your pain points, choose workflows to focus on and measure baseline operations.


Determine ROI at scale, align and define success criteria across stakeholders and complete solution design.


Rapidly install and run a limited-scale demo that meets KPIs and familiarizes users.


Your solution is fully integrated, all stakeholders and executives buy-in and ongoing support begins.


Within a year, you’re on your way to a fully implemented solution that scales to other areas of your facility, or into new facilities.