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Frequently asked questions

How much does a Vecna Robotics solution cost?

In general, pricing depends on the scale and complexity of the solution required. Vecna Robotics is unique in that we offer our material handling solutions exclusively “as a service”. Unlike purchasing equipment or a lease, all of the costs related to a Vecna Solutions (including maintenance, monitoring and support) are bundled into a single, low annual fee over a 3- or 5-year term. To learn more about our Robots as a Service pricing, fill out this form to contact our sales team to get started on your automation journey.

How long would it take Vecna to deploy Robots in my facility?

Because we’ve done this more than a few times before, Vecna Robotics has an easy, five-step process to deploy full automation within your facility. Of course, the time may vary depending on the scale and complexity of the solution, but most of our deployments take less than 3- to 6-months after a thorough assessment is complete. Read from no-bot-to-robot to learn more about how Vecna Robotics automation journey works.

What is the max height and payload of Vecna’s robots?

Vecna’s diverse fleet of robots have different specs to match different use cases. The Vecna AFL has the highest lift height at 60 inches, and the Vecna ATG can haul the heaviest payload at 9,920 lbs. To find all specs explore our AMR fleet.

How long do Vecna’s robot’s batteries last and what is the max runtime?

Our Co-bot Pallet Jack (Vecna CPJ) battery lasts for 2.5 hours, while the Autonomous tugger (Vecna ATG), Autonomous Pallet Truck (Vecna APT), and Autonomous Counterbalanced Forklift (Vecna AFL) batteries all last 8+ hours per full charge.

Is there a minimum square footage requirement for Vecna’s solution?

Vecna’s robots work in a wide variety of environments, but we recommend  >200k+ sqft, as our robots deliver more value when covering greater horizontal distances.

Is there a minimum aisle width requirement for Vecna’s solution?

Our Co-bot Pallet Jack (Vecna CPJ) and Autonomous Tugger (Vecna ATG) require 6’/1.8m, the Autonomous Pallet Truck (Vecna APT) requires 8’6”/2.6m, and the Autonomous Counterbalanced Forklift (Vecna AFL) requires 9’/2.7m.

What kind of environments does Vecna work best in?

Vecna’s solutions work best in clean, multi-shift facilities that are WIFI-enabled and utilize warehouse management software.

Will Vecna’s robots replace the workers in my facilities?

No, our solutions supplement understaffed facilities and take care of the dirty, dangerous, time-consuming jobs that humans hate to do. To see all the ways Vecna’s robots interact with their human colleagues explore our warehousing workflow solutions and our manufacturing workflow solutions.

What happens if our robots go down? What kind of customer support do you offer?

Vecna’s solutions boast a 99.9% uptime, and are supported by our 24/7/365 Pivotal™ Command Center that monitors your fleet and can resolve issues in real time—with less than 1% local-assist rate. Find out more about our customer support here.

Does Vecna manufacture their own robots?

Yes. Vecna collaborates with well-known manual pallet handling equipment suppliers and retrofits this equipment with our patented Pivotal™ autonomous navigation technology. To learn more about the winning technology behind our robots, click here.