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Intelligent Automation

Automate your key workflows

Pivotal™ Software

Driven by your throughput

Technology that scales

Grows with

Intelligent Automation

Automate your key workflows

Robots alone don’t deliver results. They’re part of our larger automation solution that learns, adapts, improves and accelerates your key workflows.


technology patents drive the industry’s most innovative pallet handling autonomy

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For manufacturing

Achieve scalable production and rapid ROI with technology engineered to serve your key manufacturing workflows.

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For warehousing

Do more with less by choreographing uninterrupted work between robots, labor and facilities to solve your most critical warehousing workflows.

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How the autonomy works

3D sensor fusion perception, dynamic route planning, AI-based payload detection, and smart recovery combine to keep things moving.

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Next-gen AGV fleet

From inbound pick-up to the outbound loading bay door, we have the fleet you need to automate your most critical material handling workflows.

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Pivotal™ Software

Maximize your throughput

Humans and machines shouldn’t be at odds. We combine powerful navigation and orchestration technology with human in-the-loop monitoring to ensure smooth operations every minute, of every day.


increase in site throughput vs. manual operations

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Pivotal™ software

The intelligence behind our automation. Our patented software orchestrates, optimizes, and helps avoid obstacles standing in the way of productivity. And your ROI.

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Pivotal™ Command Center

The humans behind your performance. Our operators monitor your worksite 24/7/365 and remotely step in when needed to keep your fleet running at 99.9% uptime. All the time.

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Speed, safety and performance

The reason behind your peace of mind. Our software keeps up with every enhancement for both performance and safety. Ahead of the industry standards for both.

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Technology that scales

Grow with you

Tech for tech’s sake doesn’t move your business forward. Designed and built to scale, our solutions are here for the long haul. From deployment and system optimization to our innovative Robots as a Service pricing model, we serve as a trusted partner to provide reliability, ease of use and deep expertise as your business evolves.

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Robots as a Service

Keep your annual costs low and deploy the solutions you need as you need them without large, drawn-out capital purchase cycles.

Continuous learning

Benefit from each robot operating at the top of its game – continuously updated with the combined experience of millions of missions from every Vecna robot in the field.

Best-in-class technology

Accomplish more as we continually expand our product portfolio and keep all our solutions fresh with regular cloud updates.

Driven by your success

Achieve the highest value out of your system from day one with a dedicated customer success team driven to deliver value over the long term.

Your Robot Journey

From no bot to robot

Get up and running in five easy steps. Start with one workflow in weeks (not months) and then scale to other workflows or even other facilities as your automation needs expand.


Identify and prioritize your pain points, choose workflows to focus on and measure baseline operations.


Determine ROI at scale, align and define success criteria across stakeholders and complete solution design.


Rapidly install and run a limited-scale demo that meets KPIs and familiarizes users.


Your solution is fully integrated, all stakeholders and executives buy-in and ongoing support begins.


Within a year, you’re on your way to a fully implemented solution that scales to other areas of your facility, or into new facilities.

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