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Material handling automation, at your service

Deploy your fleet fast for a single, low annual fee and rapidly scale up to meet the growing automation needs of your operations.

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2 Term Options
1 Annual Fee
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Large, drawn-out capital purchase cycles are yesterday’s news. All our robotics solutions are available as an annual operating expense so you can upgrade or increase your fleet as your needs evolve. The financial flexibility and speed of RaaS allows you to realize the immediate throughput benefits of your Vecna Robotics automation solution.

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Get the throughput you need, when you need it

It’s really about scale. The more robots you deploy and the more shifts your run, the more value you realize from your Vecna material handling system.

Our RaaS program allows companies to be much more responsive to actual equipment need by scaling up fast and by swapping out for new equipment at the end of their term. And with RaaS, there is no need to worry about future maintenance costs because they are all included in the low annual fee.


more cost effective vs.    manual operations


hidden fees beyond subscription

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Included in RaaS

Software subscription

An annual flat-rate cost covers cloud-based software and free upgrades.


Any one of our industry-leading autonomous mobile robots are included in the annual fee.

Training and support

Access to a role-based training program for everyone from executives to associates, plus our 24/7 US-based support team.


All vehicle maintenance is included and under warranty.

Customer success

All customers are supported by a dedicated customer success team.

24/7 Command Center

Pivotal™ Command Center monitors your facility 24/7 and is ready to intervene remotely as required.

Flexible terms

3- and 5-year terms with the option to extend.


Scale your fleet by expanding your existing RaaS agreement.

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