99.9% uptime, every time

Keep your fleet moving with real-time monitoring, remote teleoperation and enterprise-grade support with our 24/7/365 Pivotal™ Command Center and support services.

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Maximize uptime

Stay up and running in situations where traditional AGVs grind to a halt. Our 24/7/365 command center combines human intelligence with powerful technology to bring you greater flexibility and performance in complex circumstances.



< 1%

local assist rate

Monitor your fleet

Stay in the know, keep on the go. We help to maximize your system’s performance with real-time monitoring. Day-to-day visibility into your fleet helps us solve immediate problems quickly keeping your goods moving.

Resolve in real-time

We solve common problems, like false sensor readings, and lost localization, before they affect productivity. Our remote resolution allows us to fix issues without deploying an operator on the floor.

Teleoperate edge cases

Keep rolling even when encountering edge cases, such as obstacles preventing automatic recoveries or pallets staged outside of spec. Our always-on teleoperators help you perform where machines fail.

Fix it faster

Limitless support yields limitless productivity. The Pivotal™ Command Center ensures you get the help you need without a wait time, with a local assist rate of < 1% of operating time.


We’ve got you covered like a big shot

Your business powers the North American economy. Our solutions are backed by a network of service and integrator partners across the continent with hundreds of locations and monitored 24/7/365 by the Pivotal™ Command Center.

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Superior network

Vecna offers immediate support for any hardware that is deployed through direct relationships with the best forklift manufacturers in the world.

Built for enterprise

We’ve built our solution around your business with enterprise-grade service level agreements, IT services, integrations and security.

Sea-to-sea service

Vecna provides you with the help you need no matter your location, with field service from over 250 locations across North America.

Backed by experts

Put a network of experts behind your business with access to thousands of technicians for field engineering and maintenance services.

Cloud Deployment

The power of combined fleet intelligence

The power of the cloud allows us to drive constant improvements to your robots using the combined intelligence of our active fleet.

Continuous improvement

Always learning, always improving. Flexible, software-driven automation does not have a fixed output like traditional industrial automation. Embedded IIoT enables continuous learning.

Regular software updates

A ray of sunshine in the cloud. Performance and support data from all Vecna robots is collected and used to the improve your system via regular software updates.

Flexible configuration

Change is good. Our flexible automation can be more easily reconfigured and scaled up to meet changing demand and facility layout changes or whatever operational curveball is thrown your way.

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