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Vecna can get you from no bot to robot faster with our proven automation adoption roadmap.

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Your system can be deployed in as little as a few weeks and get to scale as your needs expand.

1 Discover

Identify and prioritize your pain points, choose workflows to focus on, get initial quote.

2 Design

Design solution, approve requirements, obtain sign-offs, and establish start date.

3 Deploy

Rapidly install, run a limited-scale demo that meets KPIs and familiarizes users, on-site training.

4 Learn

Ramp up to full production, 24/7 monitoring by our Command Center, customer success provides bi-weekly analytics and training.

5 Scale

Expand automation to new workflows at the existing site and identify new sites for program growth.

IDC White paper

Making the business case for supply chain automation

How can manufacturing facilities and warehouses manage the complexity of a post-covid marketplace? See how the IDC predicts intelligent automation will change the world.

“…the hidden costs of labor, particularly in the current environment, have been undercounted by as much as 50%.”

Making the business case for supply chain automation text on a black and green background
Where we work best

Enterprise-grade automation for the most demanding environments

Vecna’s automation solutions can operate in a wide variety of facility environments, but operate best in large, high-throughput, technology-enabled conditions.

  • Multi-Shift

    The more shifts you run, the faster your ROI.

  • >200k+ sqft

    Robots deliver more value when covering greater horizontal distances.

  • Clean

    Dust free environments allow robot sensors to operate with greater precision.

  • Technology-Enabled

    Optimal performance requires Wifi and integrated warehouse management software.

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