We are customer driven.

Our objective is to revolutionize customer productivity by delivering the best automation technologies. When human+machine workflows can easily adapt to ever-changing environments and demands, we create an ongoing improvement cycle that yields substantial and sustained value for our customers.


Workflows over robots.

We dreamed of a better way to get work done. A way that would let humans be humans, and robots be robots — working together.


By placing workflows over robots, we ensure that all parts and players complement each other perfectly. That is a futuristic vision that puts fact over fiction.


People are our future and yours.

The winners, in the long run, will not only deliver more economic value than their competitors, but also a better human experience.


We are built of people (our creative, intelligent employees), empowered by people (our strategic partners), and work for people (our customers). We think customer-first, and believe that long-term thinking and relentless learning will allow us to discover and shape our collective destiny together.


Robotics will change the world.

Change doesn’t come from shiny new hardware, it comes from creating operational flexibility to transform industries.

Yes, we build robots, but that’s just a start. We are a daring, socially responsible company, backed by years of innovation and real-world experience. We have the grit, training and wins to prove it. Vecna is already sparking the next industrial revolution — with solutions that deliver lasting results.