VECNA ATG Autonomous Tugger

Long hauls and heavy payloads, no biggie

Haul more, faster and further with a fork-free tugger built to handle high-capacity, high-throughput pallet moves.

3d rendering of an ATG Tugger
About Vecna ATG

Improve existing worker throughput by up to 45%

Get fork-free safety, power your assembly lines and sortation hubs, and move materials that don’t fit conventional systems. The Vecna ATG driverless tugger powers-up your lean manufacturing facility with high-capacity transport capabilities.

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Tugs a ton, or four

9,920 lbs max payload

Blazing fast

6.0 mph top speed

Turns on a dime

9’6 ft turning radius

Gets through it

6 ft aisle width

Features and Functionality

Power up your sortation and manufacturing facilities

Speed and Haul

Hauls more, faster, with trains nearly 10,000 lbs

Flexible Configurations

Tows a variety of carts at varying train lengths

Retool Workflows

Retool paths and destinations quickly

Operate in Narrow Aisles

Docks into tight spaces and navigate in narrow aisles

Intuitive Interface

Assigns tasks using on-board or remote user interfaces

Consistent Process

Delivers material within specified takt times

ANSI B56.5 Compliant

Keeps your employees, equipment and goods safe.

Opportunistic Charging

Runs 24/7 using opportunistic charging

Optimize your warehouse workflows

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Optimize your critical workflows right now

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