An automated pallet jack for everything in between.

Vecna CPJ is a first-of-its-kind co-bot pallet jack that improves the throughput of your existing workers with touch-and-go automation.


Improve existing worker throughput by up to 45% with Vecna CPJ

Designed for nimble movement in tight spaces, the CPJ is optimized for kanban replenishment, as well as for microworkflows such as waste/dunnage retrieval, empty pallet, tote and cart consolidation, pick-to-packout, as well as QA, QC, Rework and other similar non-value add tasks.

Max Payload 3,300 lbs 1,500 kg
Length 68.5 in 1,740 mm
Width 36.5 in 925 mm
Height 86.5 in 2,195 mm
Vehicle Speed 2.8 mph 1.25 m/s

Maximize Your Workforce

Agility in tight spaces

Navigate and stage pallets with less than 6 feet of wiggle room

Autonomy over short distances

Delivers value for loads that move less than 200m

Improves lower throughput work

Optimized to alleviate labor challenges and bring automation to lower-volume operations and intermittent, non-value add microworkflows

Flexible configurations

Designed to move a variety of pallets, carts, racks, bins, and other payloads up to 3,300 lbs. / 1,500 kg

Manual assignment / autonomous execution

Includes intelligent route planning and obstacle circumvention with seamless switching to manual control with on-board tablet

Quick-Change Battery

Equipment-free, manual battery swap every 2.5 hrs for 24/7 availability

ANSI/ITSDF B56.5 and RIA 15.08 compliant

Keep employees, equipment, and goods safe

24/7/365 Support

99.9% uptime via our Pivotal™ Command Center


The Vecna CPJ Co-bot Pallet Jack is MassRobotics Interoperability Certified

Read about the importance of interoperability

Robots-As-A-Service, At Your Service

Available exclusively through Vecna’s Robot-as-a-Service pricing model, you can quickly deploy Vecna CPJ into your facility with a fixed low monthly cost. And the more work you automate, the more you save.


Access Every Corner

Deploy the co-bot pallet jack anywhere you have “in-between” loads that require worker engagement. Vecna CPJ brings enterprise-grade autonomy to short distances, lower throughput work, and tighter spaces that have been long ignored by more expensive autonomous AMR solutions.

Pallet & Tote Consolidation

Using AMRs to automate the transport of depleted stacks of empty pallets and totes, to bring empty carts back from packout to the start of the picklines, or even to occasionally transport packaging waste to a compactor, can allow your staff to focus on picking and pacing their next order instead of hauling containers across your facility.


Automate the last leg of a pick cart’s journey by using AMRs to deliver finished order carts to packout, saving pickers valuable travel time and allow them to immediately start picking their next order instead of pushing a heavy, fully loaded cart all the way back to shipping.


Whether receiving inbound pallets, inspecting outbound orders prior to shipping, or flagging a defective part or component during manufacturing for additional processing, occasionally someone may need to stop what they are doing to haul a pallet or cart over to a designated QA/QC/Rework area. Automate these intermittent interruptions with on-demand AMRs to save your staff valuable time and focus on higher-value tasks.


Co-Bots Powered By Pivotal™

Vecna CPJ is powered by Pivotal™, Vecna’s tightly integrated technology stack for world-class autonomy, orchestration and insights. Our Pivotal 24/7/365 Command Center™ keeps a close eye on overall system performance delivering 99.9% uptime.


We Wrote the Book on AMR Safety and Productivity


Performance Level d Safety Systems are industry standard, however, there is a wide variety in the way that self-driving vehicles use components and features that make some automated material handling equipment stand out from the rest. Vecna Robotics’ platforms use advanced sensing components in a uniquely innovative way, which enables robots to gather more data for safer stops and more effective operation in unstructured, dynamic industrial environments.

  • Maneuver in tighter spaces and narrower aisles with a dual-encoder system
  • Avoid obstacles in a changing environment without the need for manual intervention
  • Eliminate dangerous and costly mechanical stops to protect workers, goods, and the life of your vehicles

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