How to Run More Profitable Operations Using Automation

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Webinar: How to Run More Profitable Operations Using Automation

Are you using self-driving equipment like autonomous fork trucks, tuggers, and pallet trucks? If not, you may be losing money every day. Warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution facilities are turning to this equipment to stay competitive and get ahead. Start running more profitable operations using automation today!

Join us for this 30-minute webinar  hosted by DC Velocity and take the first step in advancing your operations. Learn the differences between AMRs, AGVs, & VGVs and why AMRs are now the leading operating platform, determine how your facility can maximize the ROI from autonomous equipment, and understand those returns versus the cost of doing nothing.


Date: Thursday, May 13, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM Eastern

Duration: 30 minutes


About Your Host

Profitable Operations Using Autonomy

Scott Wagner Industry Advisor Vecna Robotics

Scott Wagner, an Industry Advisor at Vecna Robotics, is an experienced resource for the successful use of software and robotic solutions in production, warehousing and retail applications. He refined his detailed understanding of program applications while he was a software expert for inventory management. Here, he supported the specialized beer, wine, and liquor industry for several years. Scott assisted in the adoption and use of software that resulted in improved efficiencies in operations.

Before joining Vecna Robotics, Scott lead dozens of industrial robotic deployments across North America. He successfully managed the implementation of robotic cleaning equipment into dynamic and challenging environments. He accurately identifying client’s needs, assisted in the creation of the best solutions, and oversaw the onsite deployment with a well-organized team. Scott is uniquely qualified to best advise clients on industrial robotic applications as he has the combined experience of integrating various software applications with the selection and workflows of autonomous equipment.

When Scott is not talking about robots or application integrations, he’s busy chasing his two energetic children or staying up late after they go to sleep to work on his vintage Kawasaki motorcycle or fine tuning his fishing gear.


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