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Isabelle Rice Aug 24, 2021

How Autonomous Warehouse Robots Navigate Industrial Facilities

  The navigation of autonomous warehouse robots is the key performance indicator that will dictate the returns of investments in autonomy. Listen to Dr. Zachary Dydek, Chief Technology Officer at Vecna Robotics, speak about the…

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Zachary Dydek Aug 24, 2021

How AMR Pallet Detection Improves Warehouse Efficiency

High Capacity AMRs and AGVs have a singular, shared primary function: to move pallets efficiently. However, when it comes to pallet handling, not all robots are not created equal. When automating, it is important to…

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Zachary Dydek Aug 22, 2021

Obstacle Avoidance in AMR and AGV Robots Explained

One of the more distinguishing features of AMRs is their fine-tuned ability to avoid obstacles. As discussed in this article about localization, AGV robots navigate using features installed within the facility. They follow distinct paths…

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Zachary Dydek Aug 16, 2021

AMR Path Planning: A Smarter, More Efficient Navigation Method

While AGVs and AMRs preform similar tasks, there is a large variance in their methods and in the capabilities that stem from them. Both, as a baseline function, are able to transport materials through industrial…

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Isabelle Rice Aug 11, 2021

Overcome Labor Shortages with Self-Driving Forklifts

The material handling industry has been plagued by labor shortages and high-turnover rates, while simultaneously struggling to react to e-commerce demand reaching all-time highs. To address these problems, leading facilities in the industrial sector are…

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Amanda Baier Aug 9, 2021

Vecna Robotics and Alta MH Team Up to Offer Robotic Material Handling Solutions

Vecna Robotics, the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and workflow orchestration company, announced a partnership with Alta Material Handling (Alta MH). This partnership allows Alta MH to offer high-capacity AMRs to customers looking to purchase robotic material handling vehicles.…

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Isabelle Rice Aug 3, 2021

5 Signs its Time to Automate Logistics Workflows

  The past year has brought many challenges for logistics-based companies. Faced with rapidly-shifting economic conditions, unpredictable consumer behaviors, an ongoing labor shortage and an increasingly competitive landscape, those in material handling have been forced…

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Lexi Kindle Jul 23, 2021

A New Job in Supply Chain Automation: the Internal Robot Expert

As e-commerce demand spikes and labor shortages strain operations across industries, its becoming increasingly apparent that traditional logistics models are ripe for disruption. Companies are now refining their strategies – with supply chain automation at…

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Isabelle Rice Jul 20, 2021

Investor Podcast: Vecna Robotics’ Warehousing and Manufacturing Robots Solve Major Issues

  This weeks’ VentureFizz podcast features Daniel Theobald, Founder of Vecna Robotics, and Trevor Zimmerman, Co-Founder of Blackthorn Ventures and investor in Vecna Robotics. This interview is the first at Venturefizz to include both an…

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Lexi Kindle Jul 19, 2021

Logistics Robots Working Together: MassRobotics’ Webinar on Interoperability

New challenges have arisen as more factories and warehouses add logistics robots to keep up with e-commerce demand and compensate for staffing turnover and shortages. Until now, logistics robots from varying manufacturers have been unable…

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Amanda Baier Jul 14, 2021

The Benefits of a Forklift Robot: The Robot Industry Podcast with Jeff Huerta

Jeff Huerta, Vice President of Sales at Vecna Robotics, discusses the labor shortage affecting the material handling industry and how automation solves for this on The Robot Industry Podcast. A forklift robot can help mitigate…

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Isabelle Rice Jul 14, 2021

The Future of Supply Chain Technology: Robotics and Lean Manufacturing

Daniel Theobald, Founder and CIO of Vecna Robotics, was featured as a panelist on Moye White’s Remaking the Warehouse to discuss adapting warehouses for carbon reduction and the future of supply chain technology. Theobald makes…

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