From No-bot to Robot: The 7 Hidden Costs of Not Automating Now

Every fiscal quarter, leaders are faced with the same questions: what is the status of our critical operations, and what new strategic moves will keep us competitive? As always, choosing to adopt or ignore new technology can make or break your fiscal results. Both the decisions you make – or choose to not make – will impact your bottom line.

According to Gartner, 96% of supply chain executives are already automating or are planning to automate in the coming months for good reason. By now, it’s now well known that robots are the best solution to modern material handling issues. However, many do not know the expenses they incur each day automation is delayed.

The cost of inertia is higher than ever, worsened by ongoing labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and unpredictable demand surges. Every wasted manual pallet movement eats away at your margins, and every repetitive, dull task pushes your already dwindling workforce further out the door.

Find out just how high the hidden costs of not automating are in this webinar and see the latest research for yourself. 

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