Robot vs. Wild: The Lone Wolf Dies but the Pack Survives

Episode 4

Join Vecna Robotics’ CMO Josh Kivenko for the latest installment of Robot vs. Wild when he dives deeper into how to properly scale a material handling automation program within a single facility and across a network of warehouses and distribution centers.

This month, Josh is joined by Vecna Robotics CTO, Zac Dydek, who will discuss how the combined strength of a well-coordinated pack of robots can deliver outsized returns through: regular software updates; workflow optimizations and throughput improvements from the data they generate; orchestration software that can unlock massive gains by intelligently allocating tasks, routes, and work schedules for optimal performance. Zac will also get into why Vecna AMRs are better designed to survive and thrive in the wild as a pack vs. traditional AGVs.

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