Robot vs. Wild: The Warehouse as a Living Organism

Episode 2

When robots are out in the wild you never know how they will perform. And it’s not because the technology is immature, nor is it because your team didn’t plan well. The reality is that warehouses and distribution centers are living organisms, with their own seasons, their own ebbs and flows, and their own equilibriums that are consistently being disrupted by internal and external forces.

Join host, Josh Kivenko, CMO at Vecna Robotics, and his guest, David Rabinovic, Vice President of Deployment at Vecna Robotics —who brings more than 25 years of warehousing robotics experience —  to discuss how to ensure your automation program thrives amidst the complexities of the ever-changing warehouse “organism”.

Webcast topics will include: change management, connectivity, seasonality, labor turnover, culture, AGV vs. AMR, and artificial intelligence. Watch the recording to learn more!

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