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MassRobotics‘ Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) Interoperability standard is a game changer for the already rapidly growing industry of material handling robots. With a projected CAGR of 45% between 2020 and 2026, it makes sense for competing AMR vendors to create this type of open source standard now. As Greg Nichols states in his latest article “Robots’ Rosetta Stone will Unify the Bots“, the thought process here is that “a rising tide will lift all ships”.

As logistics companies face increasingly rapid expansion following a boom in e-commerce, there is a need for robotic expansion beyond what is currently offered. This standard provides a way for factories to easily integrate material handling robots from multiple vendors and face minimal downtime. Robots will now be able to communicate data vital to the maximized success of automated operations, and managers can view fleet productivity statistics on a shared operational dashboard.

These capabilities will provide even more incentive for warehouses and others in industrial settings to turn towards automation, beyond the already pressing need driven by current economic trends. In response to this heightened customer value, many expect to see an even higher level of sustained growth across the sector.

Daniel Theobald, founder of MassRobotics and CIO and founder of Vecna Robotics has been an outspoken advocate for interoperability in recent years. “This important technology lays the groundwork for future innovation and concrete value for customers worldwide.” says Theobald on the release of version 1.0.

Clearly, the benefits of interoperability will extend to both those in the robotics industry and customers who aim to automate at any level. As more material handling companies turn towards industrial AMRs, they are encouraged to adopt robotic technologies that are compliant with the standard. Doing so will pave the way for scalability.

Vecna Robotics’ line of material handling AMRs, including an autonomous tuggerforklift and pallet truck, are AMR Interop certified and are now being tested cooperatively with other robots at a Fedex Ground location. “I applaud the group for their efforts and dedication in laying out these first steps toward AMR interoperability.” said Aaron Prather, senior advisor at FedEx on the collaborative effort.

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