Tis the Season to Debunk Automation Myths: A Special Holiday Webinar

2023 has been a year full of innovations and breakthroughs in material handling automation, and with it, many myths that we’ve successfully debunked!

From self-driving forklifts to cutting-edge navigation technology, we’ve spent the year setting the record straight. Tune in to our exclusive holiday webinar, where we’ll take a festive journey through the year’s biggest automation myths and the realities behind them.


  • Exclusive Review: Dive deep into the most impactful myths we’ve debunked, from the limits of automation to its impact on workforce dynamics.
  • Special Year-End Insights: Understand the impact of these technologies on the future of material handling.
  • Interactive Q&A: Get all your automation questions answered and engage in lively discussions.
  • Sneak Peek: A glimpse into the future of material handling automation and the trends to watch out for in 2024.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just curious about this new era of material handling, this special holiday webinar is the perfect wrap-up of every truth you need to understand the future of automation. Watch the recording now!

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