Robotics Firms Lead the Way in Reopening Offices

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Lucia Maffei of the Boston Business Journal reports on robotics firms leading the way in reopening offices. As many tech companies are not rushing back employees to their offices, robotics companies are leading the pack in the technology industry when it comes to reopening since many of their non-software workers cannot work from home. The safety precautions robotics companies are taking to preserve the health of their employees might work as benchmarks, as a large part of the industry is planning to re-enter offices in the fall.

At Vecna Robotics Inc., the manufacturing and support team has never stopped coming to the 77,000-square-feet location in Waltham amid the pandemic. The company recently allowed a total of 25 workers to be back, or 25% of its workforce, broadening an initial cluster of 8-10 employees who never worked from home.

The safety measures the company put in place have been reinforced in the last couple of weeks, according to Kay Perkinson, chief of staff at Vecna Robotics. Mandatory training and additional signage were added, while hand-washing and masks were required from the very beginning. Employees can request optional desks dividers, and desks are all at least six feet apart.

“Employees that have come in have been doing really well in terms of compliance,” Mike Bearman, vice president and general counsel at Vecna Robotics, said. “Some employees don’t feel comfortable coming in, we told them it’s perfectly fine.”

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