Vecna Robotics Named Leaders in Technology Innovation

Massachusetts Robotics Sector Leads Technology Innovation

Boston Business Journal released a list of robotics companies that are leading technology innovation and Largest Robotics Companies in Massachusetts.  Among the organizations featured are Vecna Robotics and MassRobotics.

Daniel Theobald is the Founder and CEO of Vecna Robotics and the Co-Founder and President of MassRobotics. These Massachusetts-based organizations are two of the state’s notable innovative technology and robotics companies. Vecna Robotics, located in Waltham, is a warehouse automation and workflow orchestration company. The startup is responsible for manufacturing and deploying autonomous material handling robots and workflow orchestration software. MassRobotics is the collective work of a group of Boston-area engineers, rocket scientists, and entrepreneurs. The organization’s partners share a vision to create a global innovation hub focused on the needs of the robotics community.

Robotics companies are popping up everywhere as industries find more use cases for automation. In Massachusetts, these companies cover a wide range of applications from warehouse fulfillment to household cleaning. The state’s robotics sector spans over 350 companies and continues to grow.

Vecna Robotics’ Newest Technology Release

leaders in technology innovation

Vecna Robotics’ Autonomous Counterbalanced Fork Truck

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated robotics adoption considerably as more companies within the supply chain have experienced labor shortages and unprecedented demand. Boston Business Journal ranks Vecna Robotics’ first on it’s leaders in technology innovation list for its Autonomous Counterbalanced Fork Truck. This vehicle is the company’s more recent addition to its fleet of autonomous material handling equipment. The driverless Fork Truck is designed with applications that streamline materials handling and logistics operations, including: flexible pallet handling; warehouse material hauling; induction, extraction and sortation; and opportunistic material handling.

Vecna Robotics’ recognition from Boston Business Journal as an innovation leader follows a number of accolades recently collected. Most notably, the company was named Fast Company’s 4th Most Innovative Company in the World 2021. This honor recognizes Vecna Robotics’ ability to not only survive the pandemic, but adapt to the circumstances and learn to thrive.

Vecna Robotics Tests 5G Technology Applications


Earlier this year, Verizon and Newlab launched the 5G Studio to support the development of next-generation industry applications built on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. Vecna Robotics was among the first cohort of partnered companies to test new applications of 5G technology through the 5G Studio. Newlab and Verizon have unveiled the first results of the 5G studio which includes how Vecna Robotics has successfully utilized the technology to make strides in transforming  the industrial automation industry.

To facilitate the 5G Studio, Verizon deployed 5G Ultra Wideband and mobile edge compute (MEC) at Newlab’s headquarters in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Leveraging access to 5G capabilities and Newlab’s advanced prototyping resources and product realization support, companies from Newlab’s vast member community and beyond have been able to showcase their technologies to address challenges across industries.“5G technology and edge computing are ushering in an unprecedented era of innovation, with profound implications for how we will live and work,” said Shaun Stewart, CEO of Newlab. “Earlier this year, we proudly established the 5G Studio with Verizon, a collaboration intended to harness the immense potential of 5G advancements by providing critical support to companies applying technology to transform industry and society. The results produced by this year’s incredible cohort of 5G Studio companies is a testament to the enormous breadth of these solutions, to the cohort companies’ visions, and to the efficacy of Newlab’s Innovation Studio model in empowering entrepreneurial innovation.”

With 5G, Vecna Robotics has demonstrated a streamlined cloud-based architecture and deployed systems more rapidly, reliably teleoperated continuously and at scale using VR, and processed non-critical functions and machine learning in the cloud.

Read the full article on CNN, Business Insider, and the official release here.